Financial Alternatives

Financial Alternatives

From products to delivery and installation to professional services, OneSource offers a wide range of financial solutions. You can finance your entire project while maximizing your purchasing power and preserving capital along the way!


Leasing is one of the fastest-growing methods of financing in the world. In the U.S., over eighty percent of companies lease some, or even all, of their equipment. OneSource offers a flexible range of leasing options so you can choose just the right solution to match your financial strategy. We can accommodate orders ranging from a single chair, all the way through furnishings for your entire office building.



Whether you are responding to rapid growth, fulfilling temporary needs, or conserving financial resources, our in-house rental experts can custom a rental program that gives you the flexibility you seek at an affordable cost.


Furniture Buyback Programs

Whether you are consolidating your office or going for a new look, OneSource can help relieve you of unneeded furniture. No need to store it. We can recommend a number of vendors that can turn your excess furniture into usable capital.